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Bright Brass Sandcast Square Pendant

Bright Brass Sandcast Square Pendant

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Discover the petite powerhouse! This 3/4” square soft red brass pendant isn't just a pretty piece—it packs a weighty surprise! Each one is born from the fiery sands of sandcasting, undergoing a mesmerizing tumble to achieve its flawlessly smooth finish.

Dangling from a 24” silver chain, these pendants carry a statement weight, perfect for those who prefer subtlety in their jewelry yet want to leave a lasting impression. And talk about ideal gifts—these little gems fit the bill!

The Brutalux series celebrates the raw beauty of individuality. Crafted one by one, these handcrafted pieces boast their own distinctive allure, with charming imperfections that elevate them to true uniqueness. Embrace the beauty of their handmade nature—each piece tells its own story through slight variations, adding to their charismatic charm.

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